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Metal MetricThread Cable Glands

Metal MetricThread Cable Glands

Mencom Corporation

Mencom MCG Series Cable Glands are easy to use and provide a good strain relief and water tight seal for round cables. The cable glands are rated up to IP 68 (comparable to NEMA 6P) and feature a wide clamping range. Note: A Locking Nut and an O-Ring are supplied on all Metric threaded Metal Cable Glands, except where noted.(MCG-M06* & MCG-M08*)

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Part #Diameter Range (mm)A Mounting Hole Clearance (mm)B Thread Length (mm)C Wrench Flats (mm)Thread TypePrice 
MCG-M06 2 - 3.26.568M 6 x 1.0$7.12
MCG-M08 3 - 58.5411M 8 x 1.25$5.99
MCG-M12 3 - 612.5514M12 x 1.5$4.58
MCG-M16 3 - 916.5517M16 x 1.5$5.09
MCG-M20 5 - 1320.5622M20 x 1.5$6.55
MCG-M25 8 - 1625.5727M25 x 1.5$10.38
MCG-M32 12 - 2132.5834M32 x 1.5$18.01
MCG-M40 16 - 2740.5843M40 x 1.5$27.51
MCG-M50 21 - 3550.5955M50 x 1.5$41.55
MCG-M63 27 - 4863.51065M63 x 1.5$57.09