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Metal PG Thread Nuts

Metal PG Thread Nuts

Mencom Corporation

Mencom offers a variety of standard and cutting metal PG thread locking nuts.

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including Mencom Cable Glands and Locking Nuts. Call ECD today for all your Cable Gland needs.

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Part #StyleA (mm)B (mm)Thread TypePrice 
207M Standard152.8PG 7$0.29
209M Standard182.8PG 9$0.29
211M Standard213PG 11$0.33
213M Standard233pg 13.5$0.39
216M Standard263PG 16$0.46
221M Standard323.5PG 21$0.77
229M Standard414PG 29$1.13
236M Standard515PG 36$1.81
242M Standard655PG 42$3.33
248M Standard695.5PG 48$3.95
207MPOT Cutting152.8PG 7$2.31
209MPOT Cutting182.8PG 9$2.37
211MPOT Cutting213PG 11$2.49
213MPOT Cutting233PG 13.5$2.97
216MPOT Cutting263PG 16$3.03
221MPOT Cutting323.5PG 21$3.38
229MPOT Cutting414PG 29$5.52
236MPOT Cutting515PG 36$7.39