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TA Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers

TA Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers


The sturdy and weather-resistant Bonfiglioli TA Series of shaft mounted speed reducers are commonly used in the material handling industry, especially in quarry and mine applications where absolute reliability and low maintenance are key factors. The backstop option prevents backdriving on inclined conveyors and elevators.

Torque range: 1,328 to 141,612 in-lb
Mechanical rating: 1.375 to 195 HP
Gear ratios from 5.0 to 31.5

  • Keyed hollow shaft
  • Up to three bore options per frame size
  • Sturdy cast iron housing suitable for outdoor installation
  • Available on all frame sizes - externally accessible

ECD offers a comprehensive range of automation, control and mechatronics products. Call ECD today, for more information on Bonfiglioli TA Series speed reducers and all your gearmotor needs.

Bonfiglioli TA Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers Datasheet


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