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C Series In-Line Helical Gearmotors

C Series In-Line Helical Gearmotors


The Bonfiglioli C Series of in-line helical gearmotors offers top torque density, product variety, extremely wide speed choice and a compact design.

Torque range: 399 to 106,209 in-lb
Mechanical rating: 0.08 to 285 HP
Gear ratios from 2.6 to 1481

  • Foot & flange mount
  • Metric or inch series solid output shaft
  • IEC & NEMA motor adapters
  • Metric or inch series solid input shaft
Applicable AC Motors
  • Integral motors & brake motors (M/ME series)
  • IEC-normalized motors & brake motors (BN/BE series)
  • Single & dual speed motors
Main Brake Features
  • DC & AC supply
  • Faster brake engage/disengage through electronically-controlled AC/DC rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (optional)
Main Motor Options
  • Thermistors & thermostat sensors
  • Separate supply forced ventilation
  • Line driver & push-pull incremental encoder

ECD offers a comprehensive range of automation, control and mechatronics products. Call ECD today, for more information on Bonfiglioli C Series gearmotors and all your gearmotor needs.

Bonfiglioli C Series In-Line Helical Gearmotors Datasheet


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