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Toshiba Machine TV and TVL range of 6-Axis robots can be used in a variety of pick-and-place applications. The technology is based upon the clean, quick and high performance level of the SCARA but with full movement of 6 axes. The TVL series is a light weight, compact vertically articulated six-axis robot with a fraction of the expected foot-print.

  • TV800 - 800mm arm length w/ max payload of 5kg
  • TV1000 - 1000mm arm length w/ max payload of 5 kg
  • TV1000H - 1000mm arm length w/ max payload of 10kg
  • TVL500 - 602mm arm length w/ max payload of 3kg
  • TVL700 - 700mm arm length w/ max payload of 4kg

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Toshiba Machine TV1000 6-Axis Robot Datasheet


Toshiba Machine TV1000H 6-Axis Robot Datasheet


Toshiba Machine TV800 6-Axis Robot Datasheet


Toshiba Machine TVL500 6-Axis Robot Datasheet


Toshiba Machine TVL700 6-Axis Robot Datasheet


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