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stepIM Integrated Closed-Loop Stepper Motors

stepIM Integrated Closed-Loop Stepper Motors


With a superior closed loop control and a cost-effective design, the Servotronix stepIM integrated stepper motors provide an efficient and economical solution for applications that require the performance of a servo at the price level of a stepper.

  • Sophisticated closed loop control enhances motor performance with no step loss
  • Operates in torque, velocity & position modes
  • Efficient torque utilization optimizes motor sizing
  • Integrated design minimizes component & wiring requirements
  • Reduced space, installation efforts & system cost
  • Fieldbus: CANopen DS402
  • Synchronized control of coordinated motion profiles
  • Reduced machine complexity, as stepIM can function as distributed I/O points

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Servotronix StepIM Integrated Motors Datasheet


Servotronix StepIM Integrated Motors Product Brochure


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