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PU Series Speed Sensor Products

PU Series Speed Sensor Products

Dart Controls

Dart Controls offers a variety of speed sensor products not only for use with drives and tachometers that require them. The PU Series feature a simple, efficient and rugged design:

  • Single screw installation - no alignment needed
  • For shaft speeds up to 500 RPM
  • 6' cable provided - may be extended to 300'
  • Supply voltage +4.5 to +30 VDC (see product specs)
  • 1 to 20 pulse/revolution output
  • NPN and PNP output - NPN sinks 50mA max (see product specs)
  • -40°C to +100°C ambient temperature range
  • Indoor and outdoor washdown rated models
  • Santoprene injection molded head

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Dart Controls PU Series Speed Sensor Product Datasheet


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Part #Indoor Model (NPN)Indoor Model (PNP)Outdoor ModelPulse/Rev OutputCablePrice 
PU-20E YesNoNo10Rubber Jacket$149.00
PU-20R NoNoYes10Rubber Jacket$169.00
PU-2E YesNoNo1Rubber Jacket$149.00
PU-2R NoNoYes1Rubber Jacket$169.00
PU-40E YesNoNo20Rubber Jacket$149.00
PU-40R NoNoYes20Rubber Jacket$169.00
PU-4E YesNoNo2Rubber Jacket$149.00
PU-4R NoNoYes2Rubber Jacket$169.00