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AP22M Series LED Pilot Lights

AP22M Series LED Pilot Lights

IDEC Corporation

The IDEC AP22M series of LED pilot lights feature ultra-bright, sunlight-viewable displays. These pilot lights are ideal for applications where high visibility in bright conditions is critical. Featuring industry standard 22mm diameter, and a specially designed LED and lens combination that provide illumination up to 100 times brighter than standard pilot lights when viewed from the side. Available in various colors in 12V or 24V DC. 

  • Visible from all directions
  • Ultra-bright, sunlight viewable LEDs
  • Up to 100x brighter than standard pilot lights

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including IDEC Pilot Lights. Call ECD today for all your LED Pilot Light needs. 

IDEC AP22M LED Pilot Light Datasheet


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Part #LensRated VoltageLamp ColorPrice 
AP22M-2Q3R Color12V DCRed$24.57
AP22M-2Q3G Color12V DCGreen$24.57
AP22M-2Q3Y Color12V DCYellow$24.57
AP22M-2Q3A Color12V DCAmber$24.57
AP22M-2Q3S Color12V DCBlue$24.57
AP22M-2Q3PW Color12V DCWhite$24.57
AP22M-2Q3CR Clear12V DCRed$24.57
AP22M-2Q3CG Clear12V DCGreen$24.57
AP22M-2Q3CY Clear12V DCYellow$24.57
AP22M-2Q3CA Clear12V DCAmber$24.57
AP22M-2Q3CS Clear12V DCBlue$24.57
AP22M-2Q4R Color24V DCRed$26.54
AP22M-2Q4G Color24V DCGreen$26.54
AP22M-2Q4Y Color24V DCYellow$26.54
AP22M-2Q4A Color24V DCAmber$26.54
AP22M-2Q4S Color24V DCBlue$26.54
AP22M-2Q4PW Color24V DCWhite$26.54
AP22M-2Q4CR Clear24V DCRed$26.54
AP22M-2Q4CG Clear24V DCGreen$26.54
AP22M-2Q4CY Clear24V DCYellow$26.54
AP22M-2Q4CA Clear24V DCAmber$26.54
AP22M-2Q4CS Clear24V DCBlue$26.54