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Accessories - PS6R Power Supplies

Accessories - PS6R Power Supplies

IDEC Corporation

IDEC offers a wide selection of accessories for their power supplies.

  • Output Voltage Expansion Modules
  • Branch Terminal Modules
  • Mounting Brackets

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all your Power Supply needs.

IDEC PS6R Power Supplies Datasheet


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Part #DescriptionNotePrice 
PS9Z-6RM1 Output Voltage Expansion ModuleOutput: +5V, 2A, 10W$45.00
PS9Z-6RM2 Output Voltage Expasion ModuleOutput: +12V, 1A, 12W$45.00
PS9Z-6RM3 Output Voltage Expansion ModuleOutput: +5V, 1A/-5V, 1A, 10W$49.50
PS9Z-6RM4 Output Voltage Expansion ModuleOutput:: +15V, 0.4A/-15V, 0.4A, 12W$49.50
PS9Z-6RM5 Output Voltage Expansion ModuleOutput: +5V, 1A/+12V, 0.5A, 11W$54.00
PS9Z-6RM6 Output Voltage Expansion ModuleOutput: +12V, 0.5A/-12V, 0.5A, 12W$49.50
PS9Z-6RS1 Branch Terminal ModuleAdditional screw terminals for wiring: 2 + terminals / 2 - terminals$22.50
PS9Z-6R1F Panel Mounting Bracket-$5.40
PS9Z-6R2F Side-mount Panel Mounting BracketSupplied w/ M3 x 6 countersunk mounting screws$5.40