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RF2 Force Guided Relays

RF2 Force Guided Relays

IDEC Corporation

IDEC RF2 series force guided relays provide users with more choices for force guided relays. For applications that only require 2 contacts, 4-pole relays can be replaced to save space and cost. The RF2 relay is also complaint with international safety standards.

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products including IDEC relays in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all our relay needs.

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Part #PolesContactsTerminal StyleLED IndicatorsRated Coil VoltagePrice 
RF2S-1A1BLD1-D12 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwith12V DC$16.20
RF2S-1A1B-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwithout24V DC$12.70
RF2S-1A1BD1-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwithout24V DC$15.75
RF2S-1A1BLD1-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwith24V DC$16.20
RF2S-1A1BLD1K-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwith24V DC$17.40
RF2S-1A1B-D48 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwithout48V DC$12.70
RF2S-1A1BLD1-D48 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwith48V DC$16.17
RF2S-1A1BLD1K-D48 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPlug-inwith48V DC$17.40
RF2V-1A1B-D12 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwithout12V DC$12.75
RF2V-1A1B-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwithout24V DC$12.75
RF2V-1A1BK-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwithout24V DC$14.00
RF2V-1A1BD1-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwithout24V DC$15.80
RF2V-1A1BD1K-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwithout24V DC$17.05
RF2V-1A1BLD1K-D24 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwith24V DC$17.50
RF2V-1A1B-D48 2SPST-NO + SPST-NCPC Boardwithout48V DC$12.75
RF2V-2C-D24 2DPDTPC Boardwithout24V DC$16.30