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RF1V Force Guided Relays

RF1V Force Guided Relays

IDEC Corporation

IDEC RF1V series force guided relays offer mechanically linked contacts allowing use in safety related circuits. Available in 4 or 6 pole models, all relays have 6A form-A contacts. RF1V relays can be used with DIN-Rail or PCB mount relay sockets.

ECD has a large inventory of IDEC relays and sockets in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all your relay and socket needs.

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Part #PolesContactsLED IndicatorRated Coil VoltagePrice 
RF1V-2A2B-D12 42NO-2NCwithout12V DC$14.77
RF1V-2A2B-D24 42NO-2NCwithout24V DC$14.77
RF1V-2A2B-D48 42NO-2NCwithout48V DC$15.56
RF1V-3A1B-D12 43NO-1NCwithout12V DC$14.77
RF1V-3A1B-D24 43NO-1NCwithout24V DC$14.77
RF1V-3A1B-D48 43NO-1NCwithout48V DC$15.56
RF1V-4A2B-D12 64NO-2NCwithout12V DC$17.91
RF1V-4A2B-D24 64NO-2NCwithout24V DC$17.91
RF1V-4A2B-D48 64NO-2NCwithout48V DC$18.70
RF1V-5A1B-D12 65NO-1NCwithout12V DC$17.91
RF1V-5A1B-D24 65NO-1NCwithout24V DC$17.91
RF1V-5A1B-D48 65NO-1NCwithout48V DC$18.70
RF1V-3A3B-D12 63NO-3NCwithout12V DC$17.91
RF1V-3A3B-D24 63NO-3NCwithout24V DC$17.91
RF1V-3A3B-D48 63NO-3NCwithout48V DC$18.70
RF1V-2A2BL-D12 42NO-2NCwith12V DC$17.13
RF1V-2A2BL-D24 42NO-2NCwith24V DC$17.13
RF1V-2A2BL-D48 42NO-2NCwith48V DC$17.91
RF1V-3A1BL-D12 43NO-1NCwith12V DC$17.13
RF1V-3A1BL-D24 43NO-1NCwith24V DC$17.13
RF1V-3A1BL-D48 43NO-1NCwith48V DC$17.91
RF1V-4A2BL-D12 64NO-2NCwith12V DC$20.27
RF1V-4A2BL-D24 64NO-2NCwith24V DC$20.27
RF1V-4A2BL-D48 64NO-2NCwith48V DC$21.06
RF1V-5A1BL-D12 65NO-1NCwith12V DC$20.27
RF1V-5A1BL-D24 65NO-1NCwith24V DC$20.27
RF1V-5A1BL-D48 65NO-1NCwith48V DC$21.06
RF1V-3A3BL-D12 63NO-3NCwith12V DC$20.27
RF1V-3A3BL-D24 63NO-3NCwith24V DC$20.27
RF1V-3A3BL-D48 63NO-3NCwith48V DC$21.06