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SNK Terminal Block Accessories

SNK Terminal Block Accessories

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ECD provides various SNK terminal block accessories to help complete your project. Accessories include end sections, jumper bars and blank marker cards. 

ECD has a large inventory of SNK series terminal blocks and accessories in stock and ready to ship. ECD also provides custom terminal markers as well as custom rail assemblies. Call ECD today for all your SNK terminal block needs.

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Part #FunctionDescriptionPolesTypePrice 
1SNK160000R0000 Marker7.6 x 12mm Blank Marker Card-MC812$3.27
1SNK508960R0000 End SectionDark Grey 1.5mm end section-ES4-SF$0.30
1SNK905302R0000 Jumper 5.2mm Jumper Bar2JB5-2$0.61
1SNK905303R0000 Jumper5.2mm Jumper Bar3JB5-3$0.91
1SNK905304R0000 Jumper5.2mm Jumper Bar4JB5-4$1.23
1SNK905305R0000 Jumper5.2mm Jumper Bar5JB5-5$1.53
1SNK916302R0000 Jumper16mm Jumper Bar2JB16-2$2.10
1SNK916303R0000 Jumper16mm Jumper Bar3JB16-3$3.17
1SNK916304R0000 Jumper16mm Jumper Bar4JB16-4$4.21
1SNK900002R0000 End StopDark Gray Screwless 5.2 mm End Stop-BAZ1$0.66
1SNK505910R0000 End SectionDark Gray 2.2 mm End Section-ES4$0.24
1SNK140000R0000 Marker CardWhite Blank Marker Card-MC512$3.27
1SNK900103R0000 Circuit SeparatorDark Grey 3 mm Circuit Separator-CS-R1$0.76
1SNK900001R0000 End StopDark Grey 10 mm Screw End Stop-BAM3$0.66