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773 series Wall-Nuts

773 series Wall-Nuts


The WAGO 773 series Wall-Nuts push wire connectors allow direct connection of #18-12AWG solid or #16-12 stranded wires. They are rated 600V, 20A. Installations include:

- Connections to junction boxes

- Butt or tap splices

- Easy connection of smaller gauge wires to larger ones

- Combining wires of different types (solid & stranded)

Prices shown are per piece.

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Part #ConductorsBox Part #Jug Part # 
773-162 20773-0162/K194-4045/PW53-0000 (Box of 100)0773-0102/PW25-0650 (Jug of 650)
773-164 40773-0164/K194-4045/PW53-0000 (Box of 100)0773-0104/PW25-0400 (Jug of 400)