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FT1A SmartAXIS Starter Kits

FT1A SmartAXIS Starter Kits

IDEC Corporation

IDEC FT1A SmartAXIS Starter Kits provide an automation system that is quick and easy to put together.

The FT1A SmartAXIS controllers were designed with a focus to provide users with unique features and advanced functions for applications that require limited I/O. SmartAXIS controllers are available in 12, 14, 24, 40, and 48 CPUs.   

FT1A SmartAXIS Starter Kits include HMI/PLC, Power Supply (where applicable), USB cable and software.

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products including FT1A SmartAXIS Starter Kits in stock and ready to ship. We also offer PLC Programming. Call ECD today for all your PLC needs.

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Part #ControllerOperator InterfacePower SupplySoftware & USB CablePrice 
KIT-TOUCH-MW 12 I/OTouch Monochrome Display, light bezel 30WIncluded$375.00
KIT-TOUCH-MB 12 I/OTouch Monochrome Display, dark bezel30WIncluded$375.00
KIT-TOUCH-MS 12 I/OTouch Monochrome Display, silver bezel30WIncluded$375.00
Kit-TOUCH-CW 12 I/O65K Color TFT Display, light bezel30WIncluded$415.00
KIT-TOUCH-CB 12 I/O65K Color TFT Display, dark bezel30WIncluded$415.00
KIT-TOUCH-CS 12 I/O65K Color TFT Display, silver bezel30WIncluded$415.00
KIT-SMART-12-HAC 12 I/OLCD Display/Keypad-Included$199.00
KIT-SMART-12-BAC 12 I/O--Included$179.00
KIT-SMART-12-HDC 12 I/OLCD Display/Keypad30WIncluded$219.00
KIT-SMART-12-BDC 12 I/O-30WIncluded$199.00
KIT-SMART-24-HAC 24 I/OLCD Display/Keypad-Included$359.00
KIT-SMART-24-BAC 24 I/O--Included$329.00
KIT-SMART-24-HDC 24 I/OLCD Display/Keypad30WIncluded$359.00
KIT-SMART-24-BDC 24 I/O-30WIncluded$329.00
KIT-SMART-40-HAC-R 40 I/OLCD Display/Keypad-Included$419.00
KIT-SMART-40-BAC-R 40 I/O--Included$375.00
KIT-SMART-40-HDC-RK 40 I/OLCD Display/Keypad30WIncluded$399.00
KIT-SMART-40-HDC-RS 40 I/OLCD Display/Keypad30WIncluded$399.00
KIT-SMART-40-BDC-RK 40 I/OSink outputs30WIncluded$375.00
KIT-SMART-40-BDC-RS 40 I/OSource outputs30WIncluded$375.00
KIT-SMART-48-HAC-K 48 I/OLCD Display/Keypad-Included$469.00
KIT-SMART-48-BAC-K 48 I/OSink outputs-Included$435.00
KIT-SMART-48-HAC-S 48 I/OLCD Display/Keypad-Included$469.00
KIT-SMART-48-BAC-S 48 I/OSource outputs-Included$435.00
KIT-SMART-48-HDC-K 48 I/OLCD Display/Keypad30WIncluded$469.00
KIT-SMART-48-BDC-K 48 I/OSink outputs30WIncluded$435.00
KIT-SMART-48-HDC-S 48 I/OLCD Display/Keypad30WIncluded$469.00
KIT-SMART-48-BDC-S 48 I/OSource outputs30WIncluded$435.00