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O500 Optical Sensor

O500 Optical Sensor

Baumer Electric

The Baumer O500 series optical sensor created a new performance category in optical sensor technology. The Diffuse sensor with background suppression, SmartReflect and Retro-reflective sensor principles feature maximum safety and convenience.

  • Maximum reliability
  • Easy to operate & teach
  • Large sensing distance

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products including Baumer O500 Sensors in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all your sensor needs. 

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Part #Sensor principleTechnologyRangeOutput functionConnectionQuick teachPrice 
O500.GR-11096062 Diffuse sensor w/ background suppressionStandard LED600 mmPush-PullM12, 3-pin-$120.00
O500.GP-11096064 Diffuse sensor w/ background suppressionBaumer PinPoint LED400 mmPush-PullM12, 4-pinYes$160.00
O500.RR-11096090 Retro-reflective sensorStandard LED8000 mmPush-PullM12, 3-pin-$75.00
O500.RP-11096098 Retro-reflective sensorBaumer PinPoint LED8000 mmPush-PullM12, 4-pinYes$90.00
O500.SP-11096080 SmartReflect Light barrierBaumer PinPoint LED600 mmPush-PullM12, 4-pinYes$160.00
O500.RR-11096091 Retro-reflective sensorStandard LED8mPush-PullM12, 3-pin-$75.00
O500.GP-11096065 Diffuse sensor w/ background suppresionBaumer PinPoint LED30-400mmPNPM12, 4-pinYes$160.00
O500.GP-11096066 Diffuse sensor w/ background suppressionBaumer PinPoint LED30-400mmNPNM12, 4-pinYes$160.00
O500.SP-11096081 SmartReflect Light barrierBaumer PinPoint LED60-600mmPNPM12, 4-pinYes$160.00
O500.SP-11096083 SmartReflect Light barrierBaumer PinPoint LED60-600mmNPNM12, 4-pinYes$160.00
O500.RP-11096094 Retro-reflective sensorBaumer PinPoint LED8mPNPM12, 4-pinYes$90.00
O500.RP-11096096 Retro-reflective sensorBaumer PinPoint LED8mNPNM12, 4-pinYes$90.00