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Fan Heaters with Thermostat

Fan Heaters with Thermostat


The Pfannenberg FLH-TF fan heater with thermostat is designed to protect electronics from the effects of low temperatures such as corrosion, freezing or condensation, which can damage critical components within  a control enclosure. Features include an auto fan control switch.

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Thermostats, Heaters & Hygrostats (Part 1)


Thermostats, Heaters & Hygrostats (Part 2)


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Part #Model #Input VoltageWattsPrice 
17012515407 FLH-TF 125115 Vac125$298.00
17012510407 FLH-TF 125230 VAC125$326.00
17020015407 FLH-TF 200115 VAC200$336.00
17020010407 FLH-TF 200230 VAC200$348.00
17040015407 FLH-TF 400115 VAC400$391.00
17040010407 FLH-TF 400230 VAC400$412.00
17080015407 FLH-TF 800115 VAC800$503.00
17080010407 FLH-TF 800230 VAC800$525.00