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Pfannenberg thermostats in combination with control cabinet heaters serve for temperature control inside the control cabinet. Along with filterfans, they provide for additional savings on energy, materials and time. All in all, this results in greater reliability of the production process, reduced energy consumption due to need-based use and an improvement in the efficiency of the controlled heaters and filterfans.

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Thermostats, Heaters & Hygrostats (Part 1)


Thermostats, Heaters & Hygrostats (Part 2)


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Part #Model #StyleSuitable forRangeVoltagePrice 
17141000000 FLZ 541Dual UnitHeaters & Fans0-60°C RangeAC or DC$53.00
17141000010 FLZ 541Dual UnitHeaters & Fans32 - 140* F Range AC or DC$53.00
17103000000 FLZ 510Double-throwHeaters & Fans0-60*C RangeAC or DC$53.00
17103000010 FLZ 510Double-throwHeaters & Fans32 - 140* F RangeAC or DC$53.00
17111000000 FLZ 520NCC StyleHeaters0-60*C RangeAC or DC$32.00
17111000010 FLZ 520NCC StyleHeaters32 - 140* F RangeAC or DC$32.00
17121000010 FLZ 530NOC StyleCooling Fans0-60*C RangeAC or DC$32.00
17207000000 FLZ 600NCC StyleHygrostat (mechanical)40-90%rh RangeAC or DC$139.00
17218100000 FLZ 610NOC StyleHygrostat / T-Stat0-60*C RangeAC or DC$326.00
17218151000 FLZ 610NOC StyleHygrostat / T-Stat32 - 140* F RangeAC or DC$326.00