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DTI - Integrated Cooling Systems (ICS Series)

DTI - Integrated Cooling Systems (ICS Series)


•  Large distance between intake and exhaust vents, safe circulation within the electrical enclosure due to long passage of air, therefore hot spots are eliminated
• Maintains a UL Tested NEMA Type 4/4X seal against enclosure
• UL 484 Listed, category ACVS, UL file #SA10300, CE approved for European use
• Maintenance-free design, filterless for most applications
• 304 Stainless steel cover to match enclosures, with # 3 polish
•  Condenser with 3 mm fin spacing, highly effective protection against strongly contaminated and aggressive ambient air
• Particularly suitable for food and beverage, wastewater and pump applications
• Utilizes a thermal expansion valve (TXV) to ensure maximum performance over a broad range

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DTI Series Integrated Cooling Units (part 1)


DTI Series Integrated Cooling Units (part 2)


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Part #Model #Btu/hInput VoltageColorPrice 
13242544055 DTI 9011H1200115 VacRAL 7035 (Lt. Gy)$2,470.00
13293041055 DTI 90211200230 VACRAL 7035 (Lt. Gy)$2,670.00
13295044055 DTI 90312000115 VACRAL 7035 (Lt. Gy)$3,040.00
13896329055 DTI 63016000460 VACRAL 7035 (Lt. Gy)$4,480.00
13896422055 DTI 64018000460 VACRAL 7035 (Lt. Gy)$5,045.00
13269532055 DTI 95412000460 VACRAL 7035 (Lt. Gy) Get A Quote