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RV8H Series 6mm Interface Relays

RV8H Series 6mm Interface Relays

IDEC Corporation

IDEC RV8H series of 6mm interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements. The RV8H relays are able to be used as a universal interfaces between the actuator and the controller to switch small and medium size loads. With space saving 6mm width, 70mm height from the DIN rail, it's one of the smallest relay packages on the market.

All of the RV8H relays have built-in surge suppression and a green LED indicator showing the status of the relay. Take a minute to look at all the coil voltage available, ECD will have what you need. RV8H relays have a contact configuration of 1 form c (SPDT).

  • Pre-assembled relay & DIN mount socket
  • Universal screw or spring clamp terminals
  • Easy locking & removal of relays
  • Hazardous location ratings available

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including the IDEC 6mm relays. Call ECD today for all your IDEC RV8H relay and socket needs.

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Part #Coil VoltageTerminal TypePrice 
RV8H-L-D6 6 VDCScrew$10.16
RV8H-L-D9 9 VDCScrew$10.16
RV8H-L-D12 12 VDCScrew$10.16
RV8H-L-D18 18 VDCScrew$10.16
RV8H-L-D24 24 VDCScrew$10.16
RV8H-L-AD12 12 VAC/DCScrew$10.86
RV8H-L-AD18 18 VAC/DCScrew$10.86
RV8H-L-AD24 24 VAC/DCScrew$10.86
RV8H-L-AD48 48 VAC/DCScrew$11.56
RV8H-L-AD60 60 VAC/DCScrew$12.26
RV8H-L-AD110 110-120 VAC/DCScrew$12.26
RV8H-L-AD220 220-240 VAC/DCScrew$12.26
RV8H-S-D6 6 VDCSpring Clamp$10.86
RV8H-S-D9 9 VDCSpring Clamp$10.86
RV8H-S-D12 12 VDCSpring Clamp$10.86
RV8H-S-D18 18 VDCSpring Clamp$10.86
RV8H-S-D24 24 VDCSpring Clamp$10.86
RV8H-S-AD12 12 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$11.56
RV8H-S-AD18 18 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$11.56
RV8H-S-AD24 24 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$11.56
RV8H-S-AD48 48 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$12.26
RV8H-S-AD60 60 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$12.26
RV8H-S-AD110 110-125 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$12.96
RV8H-S-AD220 220-240 VAC/DCSpring Clamp$12.96