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GT3F - True OFF Delay Timers

GT3F - True OFF Delay Timers

IDEC Corporation

The IDEC GT3F Series of timers offer “True” power OFF-delay up to 10 minutes.

When voltage is applied, output comes on immediately; when voltage is removed from the coil, the timer begins timing (internal capacitors power the timing circuit). When time has expired, contacts transfer back to the OFF state. If power is reapplied before the elapsed time has expired, the timing function will reset back to the starting point. Applicable models: GT3F-1, 2.

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Part #Function GroupInput VoltageTerminal StyleRecommended SocketContact ConfigurationPrice 
GT3F-1AD24 True OFF Delay Timer24V AC/DC8-PinSR2P-05CSPDT: 5A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-1AF20 True OFF Delay Timer100-240V AC8-PinSR2P-05CSPDT: 5A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-1EAD24 True OFF Delay Timer24V AC/DC11-PinSR3B-05CSPDT: 5A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-1EAF20 True OFF Delay Timer100-240V AC11-PinSR3B-05CSPDT: 5A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-2AD24 True OFF Delay Timer24V AC/DC8-PinSR2P-05CDPDT: 3A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-2AF20 True OFF Delay Timer100-240V AC8-PinSR2P-05CDPDT: 3A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-2EAD24 True OFF Delay Timer24V AC/DC11-PinSR3B-05CDPDT: 3A_250VAC$61.90
GT3F-2EAF20 True OFF Delay Timer100-240V AC11-PinSR3B-05CDPDT: 3A_250VAC$61.90