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22mm - HW Series Pilot Lights (Assembled)

22mm - HW Series Pilot Lights (Assembled)

IDEC Corporation

The IDEC HW Series 22mm Pilot Lights (Assembled) are available in Amber, Red, Green, Blue, White or Yellow with either a flush or dome style lens. Other options include plastic or metal bezels and lamp voltages of 6VAC/DC, 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 120VAC and 240 VAC.

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including IDEC 22mm Pilot Lights. Call ECD today for all your IDEC Pilot Light needs.

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Part #DescriptionLens/LED ColorsLamp VoltagePrice 
HW1P-1FQD-A-120V Round Flush, Plastic BezelAmber120V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-A-12V Round Flush, Plastic BezelAmber12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-A-240V Round Flush, Plastic BezelAmber240V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-A-24V Round Flush, Plastic BezelAmber24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-A-6V Round Flush, Plastic BezelAmber6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-G-120V Round Flush, Plastic BezelGreen120V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-G-12V Round Flush, Plastic BezelGreen12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-G-240V Round Flush, Plastic BezelGreen240V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-G-24V Round Flush, Plastic BezelGreen24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-G-6V Round Flush, Plastic BezelGreen6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-R-120V Round Flush, Plastic BezelRed120V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-R-12V Round Flush, Plastic BezelRed12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-R-240V Round Flush, Plastic BezelRed240V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-R-24V Round Flush, Plastic BezelRed24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-R-6V Round Flush, Plastic BezelRed6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-S-120V Round Flush, Plastic BezelBlue120V AC$20.56
HW1P-1FQD-S-240V Round Flush, Plastic BezelBlue240V AC$20.56
HW1P-1FQD-S-24V Round Flush, Plastic BezelBlue24V AC/DC$19.70
HW1P-1FQD-W-120V Round Flush, Plastic BezelWhite120V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-W-12V Round Flush, Plastic BezelWhite12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-W-240V Round Flush, Plastic BezelWhite240V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-W-24V Round Flush, Plastic BezelWhite24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-W-6V Round Flush, Plastic BezelWhite6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-Y-120V Round Flush, Plastic BezelYellow120V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-Y-12V Round Flush, Plastic BezelYellow12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-Y-240V Round Flush, Plastic BezelYellow240V AC$14.89
HW1P-1FQD-Y-24V Round Flush, Plastic BezelYellow24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-1FQD-Y-6V Round Flush, Plastic BezelYellow6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-A-120V Round Dome, Plastic BezelAmber120V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-A-12V Round Dome, Plastic BezelAmber12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-A-240V Round Dome, Plastic BezelAmber240V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-A-24V Round Dome, Plastic BezelAmber24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-A-6V Round Dome, Plastic BezelAmber6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-G-120V Round Dome, Plastic BezelGreen120V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-G-12V Round Dome, Plastic BezelGreen12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-G-240V Round Dome, Plastic BezelGreen240V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-G-24V Round Dome, Plastic BezelGreen24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-G-6V Round Dome, Plastic BezelGreen6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-R-120V Round Dome, Plastic BezelRed120V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-R-12V Round Dome, Plastic BezelRed12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-R-240V Round Dome, Plastic BezelRed240V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-R-24V Round Dome, Plastic BezelRed24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-R-6V Round Dome, Plastic BezelRed6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-S-120V Round Dome, Plastic BezelBlue120V AC$20.56
HW1P-2FQD-S-240V Round Dome, Plastic BezelBlue240V AC$20.56
HW1P-2FQD-S-24V Round Dome, Plastic BezelBlue24V AC/DC$19.70
HW1P-2FQD-S-6V Round Dome, Plastic BezelBlue6V AC/DC$19.70
HW1P-2FQD-W-120V Round Dome, Plastic BezelWhite120V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-W-12V Round Dome, Plastic BezelWhite12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-W-240V Round Dome, Plastic BezelWhite240V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-W-24V Round Dome, Plastic BezelWhite24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-W-6V Round Dome, Plastic BezelWhite6V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-Y-120V Round Dome, Plastic BezelYellow120V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-Y-12V Round Dome, Plastic BezelYellow12V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-Y-240V Round Dome, Plastic BezelYellow240V AC$14.89
HW1P-2FQD-Y-24V Round Dome, Plastic BezelYellow24V AC/DC$14.03
HW1P-2FQD-Y-6V Round Dome, Plastic BezelYellow6V AC/DC$14.03
HW4P-1FQD-A-120V Round Flush, Metal BezelAmber120V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-A-12V Round Flush, Metal BezelAmber12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-A-240V Round Flush, Metal BezelAmber240V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-A-24V Round Flush, Metal BezelAmber24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-G-120V Round Flush, Metal BezelGreen120V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-G-12V Round Flush, Metal BezelGreen12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-G-240V Round Flush, Metal BezelGreen240V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-G-24V Round Flush, Metal BezelGreen24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-R-120V Round Flush, Metal BezelRed120V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-R-12V Round Flush, Metal BezelRed12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-R-240V Round Flush, Metal BezelRed240V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-R-24V Round Flush, Metal BezelRed24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-S-120V Round Flush, Metal BezelBlue120V AC$21.40
HW4P-1FQD-S-12V Round Flush, Metal BezelBlue12V AC/DC$20.56
HW4P-1FQD-S-240V Round Flush, Metal BezelBlue240V AC$21.40
HW4P-1FQD-S-24V Round Flush, Metal BezelBlue24V AC/DC$20.56
HW4P-1FQD-S-6V Round Flush, Metal BezelBlue6V AC/DC$20.56
HW4P-1FQD-W-120V Round Flush, Metal BezelWhite120V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-W-12V Round Flush, Metal BezelWhite12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-W-240V Round Flush, Metal BezelWhite240V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-W-24V Round Flush, Metal BezelWhite24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-Y-120V Round Flush, Metal BezelYellow120V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-Y-12V Round Flush, Metal BezelYellow12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-1FQD-Y-240V Round Flush, Metal BezelYellow240V AC$15.74
HW4P-1FQD-Y-24V Round Flush, Metal BezelYellow24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-A-120V Round Dome, Metal BezelAmber120V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-A-12V Round Dome, Metal BezelAmber12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-A-240V Round Dome, Metal BezelAmber240V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-A-24V Round Dome, Metal BezelAmber24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-G-120V Round Dome, Metal BezelGreen120V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-G-12V Round Dome, Metal BezelGreen12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-G-240V Round Dome, Metal BezelGreen240V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-G-24V Round Dome, Metal BezelGreen24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-R-120V Round Dome, Metal BezelRed120V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-R-12V Round Dome, Metal BezelRed12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-R-240V Round Dome, Metal BezelRed240V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-R-24V Round Dome, Metal BezelRed24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-S-120V Round Dome, Metal BezelBlue120V AC$21.40
HW4P-2FQD-S-12V Round Dome, Metal BezelBlue12V AC/DC$20.56
HW4P-2FQD-S-240V Round Dome, Metal BezelBlue240V AC$21.40
HW4P-2FQD-S-24V Round Dome, Metal BezelBlue24V AC/DC$20.56
HW4P-2FQD-W-120V Round Dome, Metal BezelWhite120V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-W-12V Round Dome, Metal BezelWhite12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-W-240V Round Dome, Metal BezelWhite240V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-W-24V Round Dome, Metal BezelWhite24V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-Y-120V Round Dome, Metal BezelYellow120V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-Y-12V Round Dome, Metal BezelYellow12V AC/DC$14.89
HW4P-2FQD-Y-240V Round Dome, Metal BezelYellow240V AC$15.74
HW4P-2FQD-Y-24V Round Dome, Metal BezelYellow24V AC/DC$14.89