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Primary: 120x240 - Secondary: 24 (Group C)

Primary: 120x240 - Secondary: 24 (Group C)


The Micron ImperviTRAN® is the ultra-reliable industrial control circuit transformer. Behind its clean design is a toughness that makes it measure up to any requirement placed upon it. Manufacturers of industrial and commercial equipment, control panels and centers have made ImperviTRAN the most accepted transformer in the industry.

  • Epoxy encapsulated coils
  • 20-year warranty, double the industry standard
  • Secondary fuse clips where applicable
  • Optional primary fusing
  • Molded terminal barriers
  • 10-32 screw terminals
  • Molded-in terminals
  • Phil-slot screws
ECD has a large inventory of Micron transformers in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all your transformer needs.

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Part #Output VAPrimary Fuse block includedRecommended Fuse Sizes PRI 120V / 240VRecommended Fuse Sizes SEC 24VPrice 
B050LP7JK 50NOKLDR1.25 / KLDR.600FLM03.2$51.73
B050LP7RB 50YESKLDR1.25 / KLDR.600FLM 03.2$60.47
B075LP7JK 75NOKLDR01.8 / KLDR.800FLM005$62.66
B075LP7RB 75YESKLDR01.8 / KLDR.800FLM005$71.40
B100LP7JK 100NOKLDR02.5 / KLDR01.25FLM 6.25$64.11
B100LP7RB 100YESKLDR02.5 / KLDR01.25FLM 6.25$72.13
B150LP7JKF 150NOKLDR03.5 / KLDR01.8FLM010$88.16
B150LP7RBF 150YESKLDR03.5 / KLDR01.8FLM010$96.90
B200LP7JKF 200NOKLDR01.8 / KLDR.800FLM010$110.74
B200LP7RBF 200YESKLDR005 / KLDR2.25FLM012$119.49
B250LP7JKF 250NOKLDR005 / KLDR003FLM015$112.20
B250LP7RBF 250YESKLDR005 / KLDR003FLM015$120.94
B300LP7JKF 300NOKLDR6.25 / KLDR03.5FLM020$121.67
B300LP7RBF 300YESKLDR6.25 / KLDR03.5FLM020$130.41
B350LP7JKF 350NOKLDR07.5 / KLDR004FLM020$123.86
B350LP7RBF 350YESKLDR07.5 / KLDR004FLM020$132.60
B500LP7JKF 500NOKLDR010 / KLDR005FLM 030$171.94
B500LP7RBF 500YESKLDR010 / KLDR005FLM 030$180.69
B750LP7JKF 750NOKLDR015 / KLDR07.5N/A$243.34
B750LP7RBF 750YESKLDR015 / KLDR07.5N/A$252.09