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V1k Output dv/dt Filters


The Trans-Coil V1000 greatly reduces motor failures on VFD applications by limiting the magnitude of voltage spikes to levels below 1000 volts and slows down the rate of change of PWM switching by a factor of three. The V1000 has demonstrated success in protecting the cable and motor insulation by reducing the damaging effects of reflected wave. Common Mode currents, which can lead to bearing pitting and fluting, are typically reduced by 30%. Extensive testing has demonstrated that TCI's V1000 filter is effective at reducing Common Mode currents, without costly machine modifications. Designed to be installed within ten feet of the drive output terminals, V1000 Filters are easily accessible for both installation and maintenance. The superior performance increases process uptime and motor life.

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Product Specs

  • The V1K must be wired no more than 12 feet from the drive
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Part #NEC HP @ 240VNEC HP @ 480VNEC HP @ 600VRated CurrentEnclosurePrice 
V1K2A00 -0.7512AOpen$268.80
V1K3A00 0.51-1.523AOPEN$274.20
V1K4A00 0.75234AOPEN$280.80
V1K6A00 1-1.5--6AOPEN$288.00
V1K8A00 2558AOPEN$292.80
V1K12A00 37.51012AOPEN$304.20
V1K16A00 510-16AOPEN$307.80
V1K18A00 -101518AOPEN$339.60
V1K21A00 -15-21AOPEN$384.00
V1K25A00 7.5152025AOPEN$410.40
V1K27A00 -202527AOPEN$426.60
V1K35A00 10253035AOPEN$444.60
V1K45A00 15304045AOPEN$462.00
V1K55A00 20405055AOPEN$477.00
V1K80A00 25-3050-607580AOPEN$672.60
V1K110A00 4075100110AOPEN$790.20
V1K130A00 50100125130AOPEN$924.00
V1K160A00 60125150160AOPEN$1,018.80
V1K200A00 75150200200AOPEN$1,110.00
V1K250A00 100200250250AOPEN$1,140.60
V1K305A00 -250300305AOPEN$1,240.20
V1K362A00 150300350362AOPEN$1,419.60
V1K420A00 -350450420AOPEN$1,644.60
V1K480A00 200500400480AOPEN$1,755.60
V1K600A00 -500600600AOPEN$1,838.40
V1K750A00 -600700750AOPEN$3,001.20
V1K2A01 -0.7512AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$427.20
V1K3A01 0.51-1.523AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$430.20
V1K4A01 0.75234AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$432.60
V1K6A01 1-1.53-6AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$440.40
V1K8A01 2558AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$450.00
V1K12A01 37.51012AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$470.40
V1K16A01 510-16AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$479.40
V1K18A01 -101518AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$499.80
V1K21A01 -15-21AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$520.20
V1K25A01 7.5152025AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$531.60
V1K27A01 -202527AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$551.40
V1K35A01 10253035AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$570.60
V1K45A01 15304045AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$589.20
V1K55A01 20405055AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$642.60
V1K80A01 25-3050-607580AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$837.00
V1K110A01 4075100110AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,148.40
V1K130A01 50100125130AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,294.20
V1K160A01 60125150160AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,390.20
V1K200A01 75150200200AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,447.80
V1K250A01 100200250250AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,476.00
V1K305A01 -250300305AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,484.40
V1K362A01 150300350362AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,652.40
V1K420A01 -350450420AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$1,791.00
V1K480A01 200400500480AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$2,007.00
V1K600A01 -500600600AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$2,193.60
V1K750A01 -600700750AUL TYPE 1 ENCLOSED$3,929.40