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VFD Input KDR, 690V (Low Z - 3% Reactor)

VFD Input KDR, 690V (Low Z - 3% Reactor)


Transient voltages, commonly caused by capacitor switching or the switching of large load blocks, can result in an overvoltage condition of the DC bus. This overvoltage condition will cause the drive to shut down in order to protect its components. These transients can sometimes be very severe and too quick for the drive to shut down. The addition of a Trans-Coil KDR series reactor can prevent drive shutdown and even protect components from possible damage.

The addition of a KDR reactor will reduce input line distortion which is caused by the non-linear characteristics of drives. The KDR will limit the inrush current to the rectifier, rounding the waveform, reducing the peak currents and lowering the harmonic current distortion. High peak currents may cause distortion of the voltage waveform. The reduction of those peak currents also reduces total harmonic voltage distortion at the point of common coupling.

Drive input currents rich in harmonics result in a decrease in total input power factor to the drive. The addition of a KDR will reduce the RMS current through the reduction in harmonic content, thereby improving the total power factor.

• Reduce Nuisance Tripping
• Reduce Voltage Notching
• Reduce Harmonic Distortion
• Improve True Power Factor
• Reduce Cross-talk
• Protect Components from Damage
• Improve voltage phase to phase imbalance
• RoHS Compliant

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Part #DescriptionNEC Motor HPNEC Motor CurrentHousingPrice 
KDRA55LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor0.50.9Open$62.43
KDRA56LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor0.751.3Open$63.51
KDRA50LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor11.7Open$66.77
KDRA51LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1.52.4Open$68.94
KDRA46LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor22.7Open$69.49
KDRA52LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor33.9Open$72.74
KDRA47LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor56.1Open$76.00
KDRA48LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor7.59Open$90.11
KDRA49LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1011Open$100.43
KDRB45LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1517Open$114.54
KDRB44LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor2022Open$120.51
KDRB43LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor2527Open$131.91
KDRD42LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor3032Open$133.54
KDRC43LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor4041Open$144.94
KDRC44LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor5052Open$156.34
KDRF46LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor6062Open$207.91
KDRF45LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor10099Open$299.66
KDRH43LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor125125Open$340.91
KDRH44LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor150144Open$423.43
KDRI42LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor200192Open$451.11
KDRG47LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor250242Open$503.23
KDRG45LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor300289Open$590.09
KDRJ45LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor350336Open$660.11
KDRJ43LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor400382Open$694.31
KDRJ44LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor450412Open$798.54
KDRL45LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor500472Open$833.29
KDRL42LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor600576Open$1,024.37
KDRL43LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor700672Open$1,214.91
KDRL44LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor800768Open$1,319.14
KDRX41LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor900864Open$1,804.46
KDRX42LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1000960Open$1,908.14
KDRX43LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor11001056Open$2,006.40
KDRX44LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor12501200Open$2,183.91
KDRY41LV 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor15001440Open$3,728.34
KDRA55LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor0.50.9NEMA1 Enclosed$129.74
KDRA56LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor0.751.3NEMA1 Enclosed$130.83
KDRA50LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor11.7NEMA1 Enclosed$134.09
KDRA51LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1.52.4NEMA1 Enclosed$135.71
KDRA46LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor22.7NEMA1 Enclosed$136.26
KDRA52LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor33.9NEMA1 Enclosed$140.60
KDRA47LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor56.1NEMA1 Enclosed$143.86
KDRA48LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor7.59NEMA1 Enclosed$157.43
KDRA49LC1V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1011NEMA1 Enclosed$168.29
KDRB45LC2V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1517NEMA1 Enclosed$181.86
KDRB44LC2V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor2022NEMA1 Enclosed$188.37
KDRB43LC2V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor2527NEMA1 Enclosed$199.23
KDRD42LC2V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor3032NEMA1 Enclosed$214.43
KDRC43LC2V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor4041NEMA1 Enclosed$225.83
KDRC44LC2V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor5052NEMA1 Enclosed$236.69
KDRF46LC3V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor6062NEMA1 Enclosed$322.46
KDRF47LC3V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor7577NEMA1 Enclosed$330.60
KDRF45LC4V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor10099NEMA1 Enclosed$491.29
KDRH43LC4V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor125125NEMA1 Enclosed$532.54
KDRH44LC4V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor150144NEMA1 Enclosed$615.60
KDRI42LC4V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor200192NEMA1 Enclosed$643.29
KDRG47LC4V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor250242NEMA1 Enclosed$694.86
KDRG45LC4V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor300289NEMA1 Enclosed$781.71
KDRJ45LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor350336NEMA1 Enclosed$915.80
KDRJ43LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor400382NEMA1 Enclosed$950.54
KDRJ44LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor450412NEMA1 Enclosed$1,055.31
KDRL45LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor500472NEMA1 Enclosed$1,088.97
KDRL42LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor600576NEMA1 Enclosed$1,281.14
KDRL43LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor700672NEMA1 Enclosed$1,471.69
KDRL44LC5V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor800768NEMA1 Enclosed$1,575.37
KDRX41LC7V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor900864NEMA1 Enclosed$2,478.69
KDRX42LC7V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor1000960NEMA1 Enclosed$2,581.83
KDRX43LC7V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor11001056NEMA1 Enclosed$2,680.09
KDRX44LC7V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor12501200NEMA1 Enclosed$2,858.14
KDRY41LC7V 690V Low Z - 3% Reactor15001440NEMA1 Enclosed$4,402.57