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SJ700 Large Capacity High Performance Vector Drives

SJ700 Large Capacity High Performance Vector Drives


Hitachi SJ700 Series drives utilize Improved Sensorless Vector Control and Auto Tuning to enable production of high starting torque of 200% or more at 0.3Hz. The motor constants are easy to setup. SJ700 Series drives are ideal for applications which need high torque, like extruders, cranes, and lifts. Current control performance is improved by higher internal calculation speed. Inverter trip during acceleration and deceleration is avoided using over current and over voltage suppress functions. Develops 150% * torque at 0Hz speed reference.

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Part #Input Voltage/ PhaseRated HPRated AmpsPrice 
SJ700-004LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase1/23$432.14
SJ700-007LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase15$460.71
SJ700-015LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase27.5$528.57
SJ700-022LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase310.5$642.86
SJ700-037LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase516.5$739.29
SJ700-055LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase7.524$850.00
SJ700-075LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase1032$1,032.14
SJ700-110LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase1546$921.43
SJ700-150LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase2064$1,392.86
SJ700-185LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase2576$2,078.57
SJ700-220LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase3095$2,400.00
SJ700-300LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase40121$2,639.29
SJ700-370LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase50145$4,100.00
SJ700-450LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase60182$4,064.29
SJ700-550LFUF2 200-240V/ 3 Phase75220$5,214.29
SJ700-007HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase12.5$628.57
SJ700-015HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase23.8$671.43
SJ700-022HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase35.3$725.00
SJ700-040HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase59$782.14
SJ700-055HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase7.514$757.14
SJ700-075HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase1019$803.57
SJ700-110HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase1525$1,464.29
SJ700-150HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase2032$1,903.57
SJ700-185HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase2538$2,189.29
SJ700-220HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase3048$2,439.29
SJ700-300HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase4058$3,207.14
SJ700-370HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase5075$2,707.14
SJ700-450HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase6091$4,600.00
SJ700-550HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase75112$3,928.57
SJ700-750HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase100149$6,857.14
SJ700-900HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase125176$8,992.86
SJ700-1100HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase150217$9,553.57
SJ700-1500HFUF2 380-480V/ 3 Phase200260$10,039.29
SJ700-1850HFU2 380-480V/ 3 Phase250/300370$12,875.00
SJ700-3150HFU2 380-480V/ 3 Phase350/400/450600$18,907.14
SJ700-4000HFU2 380-480V/ 3 Phase500/600800$27,221.43