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Micro Drive Options (WJ200, X200 & L100)

Micro Drive Options (WJ200, X200 & L100)


Hitachi offers various accessories and options for the WJ200, X200 and L100 series of micro drives. 

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Part #Option TypeDescriptionFor Use WithPrice 
OPE-SRmini Remote OperatorDigital Operator (was standard on legacy SJ200) Requires ICS-1A, ICS-3A cable for remote mounting, compatible with L100M, X200 & WJ200WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$56.67
4X-KITmini OPE-SRmini NEMA4X Option KitOptional Kit for Remote Mounting of the OPE-SRmini in a sealed NEMA4X clam shell (Requires ICS-1A or ICS-3A Cable)WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$24.00
WOP Enhanced Digital Operator/Copy Units (Requires ICS-1A or ICS-3A Cable)Large 5-line, high visiblity LCD display, 4 sets of inverter copy capability (parameters + EzSQ), multi-language capabilityWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$207.14
SRW-0EX Enhanced Digital Operator/Copy Units (Requires ICS-1A or ICS-3A Cable)4-line LCD display, single inverter parameter set copyWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$186.67
ICS-1A Keypad Extension Cables3 ft (1 m) Cable (WJ200 / L100M / X200 to WOP, SRW-0EX, or OPE-SRmini)WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$7.14
ICS-3A Keypad Extension Cables10 ft (3 m) Cable (WJ200 / L100M / X200 to WOP, SRW-0EX, or OPE-SRmini)WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$10.71
USB2-6MIN PC-based Programming SoftwareUSB to USB Mini B cable, 6' (2 m) lengthWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$7.14
USB-CONVERTERCABLE PC-based Programming SoftwareUSB Port to RS422 Conversion Cable, connect PC USB port to inverter RJ45 program portWJ200, X200 & L100 Series Get A Quote
SJ2-PB External Communication ModulesExternal Profibus Communication Interface for WJ200 or X200-2WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$260.00
SJ2-CO External Communication ModulesExternal CANopen Communication Interface for WJ200 OR X200-2WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$193.33
SJ2-MF External Communicaton ModulesOptional mpunting frame for SJ2-PB when used with WJ200 and X200-2 (SJ2-PB cannot be face mounted on these models) Includes mounting frame and 0.5 m RJ45 cableWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$26.67
DIN-L10E-S DIN Rail AdaptorsDIN Rail Adapter-L100MWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$12.00
DIN-X200-S DIN Rail AdaptorsDIN Rail Adapter - X200-002 and X200-004NFUWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$12.00
DIN-X200-M DIN Rail AdaptorsDIN Rail Adapter X200-007NFU - 022N; 037LFU; 004 to 040HFUWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$13.33
L100CB-MB L100M Conduit Box (NEMA 1)NEMA 1 Conduit Box L100-002MFU2 -- 007MFU2WJ200, X200 & L100 Series$20.67
WJ200CB-A WJ200 Conduit Boxes001 - 007L/001 - 004SWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$64.29
WJ200CB-B WJ200 Conduit Boxes015,022L/007 - 022S/004 - 022HWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$67.14
WJ200CB-C WJ200 Conduit Boxes037L/040HWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$68.57
WJ200CB-D WJ200 Conduit Boxes055,075L/HWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$72.86
WJ200CB-E WJ200 Conduit Boxes110L/110, 150HWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$80.00
WJ200CB-F WJ200 Conduit Boxes150LWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$88.57
ZCL-B40 WJ200/X200 Input / Output RFI Filters (Zero Phase)002-037NFU/LFU, 004 - 040HFUWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$46.67
ZCL-A WJ200/X200 Input / Output RFI Filters (Zero Phase)055 -075LFU, 055 - 075HFUWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$214.29
CFI-L WJ200/X200 Input Capacitive Noise Filters002-037NFU/SF/LF/LFUWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$46.67
CFI-H WJ200/X200 Input Capacitive Noise Filters004 -075HF/HFUWJ200, X200 & L100 Series$86.67