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NES1 Series Microdrives


Hitachi NES1 series Microdrives feature industry leading circuitry and components to provide exceptional performance.The NES1 microdive’s footprint is incredibly small, when compared to the size of a corresponding motor. With more than a dozen inverter options, Hitachi NES1 series microdrives are able to handle motor sizes from ¼ to 5 horsepower in either a 240VAC or 480VAC version.   NES1 microdrives come with built-in RS485 MODBUS RTU standard.

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Part #Input Voltage/ PhaseRated HPRated Amps 
NES1-004SB 200-240 / 1-Phase1/22.6 Get A Quote
NES1-007SB 200-240 / 1-Phase14.0 Get A Quote
NES1-015SB 200-240 / 1-Phase27.1 Get A Quote
NES1-022SB 200-240 / 1-Phase310 Get A Quote
NES1-002LB 200-240 / 3 Phase1/41.4 Get A Quote
NES1-004LB 200-240 / 3 Phase1/22.6 Get A Quote
NES1-007LB 200-240 / 3 Phase14.0 Get A Quote
NES1-015LB 200-240V/ 3 Phase27.1 Get A Quote
NES1-022LB 200-240V / 3 Phase310.0 Get A Quote
NES1-004HB 380-480V / 3 Phase1/21.5 Get A Quote
NES1-007HB 380-480V / 3 Phase12.5 Get A Quote
NES1-015HB 380-480V / 3 Phase24.1 Get A Quote
NES1-022HB 380-480V / 3 Phase35.5 Get A Quote
NES1-040HB 380-480V / 3 Phase59.2 Get A Quote