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Digital I/O Expansion Modules (MicroSmart)

 Digital I/O Expansion Modules (MicroSmart)

IDEC Corporation


- 15 modules to choose from
- Available with Screw or MIL connectors
- Easy snap-on Available 8, 16 or 32 point modules
- Up to 512 I/O can be configured in the Pentra and 264 I/O in the MicroSmart system

Please call for quantity discounts, accessories and other configurations.

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Part #StyleInputOutputI/O PointsTerminalPrice 
FC4A-N08A11 Input Module100-120V AC-8Removable Screw Terminals$94.29
FC4A-N08B1 Input Module24V DC-8Removable Screw Terminals$81.43
FC4A-N16B1 Input Module24V DC-16Removable Screw Terminals$145.71
FC4A-N16B3 Input Module24V DC-16MIL Connector (ribbon cable)$145.71
FC4A-N32B3 Input Module24V DC-32MIL Connector (ribbon cable)$278.57
FC4A-R081 Output Module-Relay8Removable Screw Terminals$111.43
FC4A-R161 Output Module-Relay16Removable Screw Terminals$184.29
FC4A-T08K1 Output Module-Transistor Sink16Removable Screw Terminals$120.00
FC4A-T16K3 Output Module-Transistor Sink16MIL Connector (ribbon cable)$205.71
FC4A-T32K3 Output Module-Transistor Sink32MIL Connector (ribbon cable)$300.00
FC4A-T08S1 Output Module-Transistor Source8Removable Screw Terminals$120.00
FC4A-T16S3 Output Module-Transistor Source16MIL Connector (ribbon cable)$205.71
FC4A-T32S3 Output Module-Transistor Source32MIL Connector (ribbon cable)$300.00
FC4A-M08BR1 Combination I/O Modules 24V DC (Sink/Source)Relay8 (4 in/4 out)Removable Screw Terminals$132.86
FC4A-M24BR2 Combination I/O Modules24V DC (Sink/Source)Relay24 (16 in/ 8 out)Wire Spring Clamp$248.57