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Enclosed Disconnect Switches Non-fusible 16A - 3150A

Enclosed Disconnect Switches Non-fusible 16A - 3150A

ABB Controls

ABB SafeLine enclosed non-fusible disconnect switches are designed to meet customer requirements in terms of safety, ease of installation, space savings and operational convenience. They are available in a wide range of amperage ratings, are UL approved and NEMA rated to satisfy rugged industrial environments.

ECD has a large inventory ABB Disconnect Switches and Accessories in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all your disconnect needs.

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Part #UL general purpose amp ratingHandle TypeNEMA Enclosure TypeApprovalsPrice 
NF161-3PBJC 16Selector Black1UL 508$109.40
NF251-3PBJC 25Selector Black1UL 508 Get A Quote
NF321-3PBJC 40Selector Black1UL 508$121.23
NF451-3PBJB 60Selector Black1UL 508$144.87
NF631-3PBJA 80Selector Black1UL 508$165.57
NF161-3PB6C 16Pistol Black1UL 508$138.96
NF251-3PB6C 25Pistol Black1UL 508$141.91
NF321-3PB6C 40Pistol Black1UL 508$150.79
NF451-3PB6B 60Pistol Black1UL 508$174.44
NF631-3PB6A 80Pistol Black1UL 508 Get A Quote
NF301-3PB6C 30Pistol Black1UL 98$301.57
NF601-3PB6C 60Pistol Black1UL 98 Get A Quote
NF1001-3PB6B 100Pistol Black1UL 98$360.71
NF1251-3PB6A 125Pistol Black1UL 98$650.46
NF2001-3PB8B 200Pistol Black1UL 98$768.73
NF4001-3PB4B 400Pistol Black1UL 98$1,537.46
NF6001-3PB7B 600Pistol Black1UL 98$2,838.37
NF12001-3PB4A 1200Pistol Black1UL 98$6,512.94
NF163-3PBJC 16Selector Black3RUL 508$153.16
NF253-3PBJC 25Selector Black3RUL 508$156.11
NF323-3PBJC 40Selector Black3RUL 508$164.99
NF453-3PBJB 60Selector Black3RUL 508$189.23
NF633-3PBJA 80Selector Black3RUL 508$209.33
NF163-3PB6C 16Pistol Black3RUL 508 Get A Quote
NF253-3PB6C 25Pistol Black3RUL 508$185.67
NF323-3PB6C 40Pistol Black3RUL 508 Get A Quote
NF453-3PB6B 60Pistol Black3RUL 508$218.79
NF633-3PB6A 80Pistol Black3RUL 508$238.90
NF303-3PB6C 30Pistol Black3RUL 98$461.24
NF603-3PB6C 60Pistol Black3RUL 98$490.80
NF1003-3PB6B 100Pistol Black3RUL 98$520.37
NF1253-3PB6A 125Pistol Black3RUL 98$827.86
NF2003-3PB8B 200Pistol Black3RUL 98$975.69
NF4003-3PB4B 400Pistol Black3RUL 98$1,655.71
NF6003-3PB7B 600Pistol Black3RUL 98$2,956.64
NF8003-3PB4A 800Pistol Black3RUL 98$5,558.49
NF16003-3P8A 1600Pistol Black3RUL 98$13,546.91
NF164-3PB6A 16Pistol Black4UL 508$280.89
NF254-3PB6A 25Pistol Black4UL 508$283.84
NF324-3PB6A 40Pistol Black4UL 508$292.71
NF454-3PB6B 60Pistol Black4UL 508$310.44
NF634-3PB6A 80Pistol Black4UL 508$325.23
NF304-3PB6C 30Pistol Black4UL 98$644.54
NF604-3PB6C 60Pistol Black4UL 98 Get A Quote
NF1004-3PB6B 100Pistol Black4UL 98 Get A Quote
NF1254-3PB8A 125Pistol Black4UL 98$1,655.71
NF4004-3PB4B 400Pistol Black4UL 98$3,784.50
NF6004-3PB7B 600Pistol Black4UL 98$5,676.76
NF2004-3P8A 200Pistol Black4UL 98 Get A Quote
NF16X-3PB6C 16Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 508$345.93
NF25X-3PB6C 25Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 508$348.89
NF32X-3PB6C 40Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 508$357.76
NF45X-3PB6B 60Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 508$375.50
NF63X-3PB6A 80Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 508$390.27
NF30X-3PB6C 30Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$709.60
NF60X-3PB6C 60Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$739.16
NF100X-3PB6B 100Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$768.73
NF125X-3PB8A 125Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$2,069.66
NF200X-3PB8B 200Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$2,601.84
NF400X-3PB4B 400Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$4,730.63
NF600X-3PB7B 600Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$7,095.94
NF1200X-3PB4A 1200Pistol Black4X StainlessUL 98$14,654.13
NF16P-3PB6A 16Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 508$204.01
NF25P-3PB6A 25Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 508$206.97
NF32P-3PB6A 40Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 508$215.83
NF45P-3PB6B 60Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 508$236.53
NF63P-3PB6A 80Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 508$254.27
NF30P-3PB6B 30Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 98$517.41
NF60P-3PB6B 60Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 98$546.99
NF100P-3PB6B 100Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 98$576.54
NF125P-3PB8A 125Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 98$1,773.99
NF200P-3PB8B 200Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 98$2,365.31
NF400P-3PB4B 400Pistol Black4X PlasticUL 98$3,547.97
NF16P-3PBJA 16Selector Black12 Plastic UL 508$174.44
NF25P-3PBJA 25Selector Black12 PlasticUL 508$177.40
NF32P-3PBJA 40Selector Black12 PlasticUL 508$186.27
NF45P-3PBJB 60Selector Black12 PlasticUL 508$206.97
NF63P-3PBJA 80Selector Black12 PlasticUL 508$224.70
NF162-3PBJC 16Selector Black12UL 508$153.16
NF252-3PBJC 25Selector Black12UL 508$156.11
NF322-3PBJC 40Selector Black12UL 508$164.99
NF452-3PBJB 60Selector Black12UL 508$189.23
NF632-3PBJA 80Selector Black12UL 508$209.33
NF162-3PB6C 16Pistol Black12UL 508 Get A Quote
NF252-3PB6C 25Pistol Black12UL 508$185.67
NF322-3PB6C 40Pistol Black12UL 508$194.54
NF452-3PB6B 60Pistol Black12UL 508$218.79
NF632-3PB6A 80Pistol Black12UL 508 Get A Quote
NF302-3PB6B 30Pistol Black12UL 98$331.14
NF602-3PB6C 60Pistol Black12UL 98 Get A Quote
NF1002-3PB6B 100Pistol Black12UL 98$520.37
NF1252-3PB6A 125Pistol Black12UL 98$827.86
NF2002-3PB8B 200Pistol Black12UL 98$946.13
NF4002-3PB4B 400Pistol Black12UL 98$1,714.86
NF6002-3PB7B 600Pistol Black12UL 98$3,015.77
NF8002-3PB4A 800Pistol Black12UL 98$4,967.16
NF20002-3P8A 2000Pistol Black12UL 98$15,240.29
NF31502-3P8A 3150Pistol Black12UL 98$18,496.76
NF167-3P 16Pistol Black7 & 9UL 508$1,123.53
NF257-3P 25Pistol Black7 & 9UL 508$1,138.31
NF327-3P 40Pistol Black7 & 9UL 508$1,153.09
NF457-3P 60Pistol Black7 & 9UL 508$2,128.79
NF637-3P 80Pistol Black7 & 9UL 508$2,146.53
NF307-3P 30Pistol Black7 & 9UL 98$2,454.01
NF607-3P 60Pistol Black7 & 9UL 98$2,483.59
NF1007-3P 100Pistol Black7 & 9UL 98$2,513.14