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Enclosed Disconnect Switches Non-fusible eOT

Enclosed Disconnect Switches Non-fusible eOT

ABB Controls

The ABB eOT series of enclosed manual motor controllers are rotary operated, 3 pole, 600V Hp rated switches, housed in thermoplastic/polycarbonate enclosures suitable for wet and corrosive environments.

NEMA 3R/12 & NEMA 4/4X versions
– 3R/12; equipped with selector handle
– 4/4X; equipped with pistol handle 1
2 Handle color options
– Standard black/red handle
– Emergency red/yellow handle
Available with and without 1 NO auxiliary
contact installed

ECD has a large inventory of ABB enclosed non-fusible disconnect switches in stock and ready to ship including the ABB eOT series of manual motor controllers. Call ECD today for all your ABB disconnect needs.

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Part #NEMA VersionHandle Type and ColorAmp RatingAux. ContactsPrice 
EOT16U3P3-S NEMA 3R/12Selector Black16-$147.83
EOT32U3P3-S NEMA 3R/12Selector Black40-$177.40
EOT45U3P3-S NEMA 3R/12Selector Black60-$192.19
EOT63U3P3-P NEMA 3R/12Pistol Black80-$254.27
EOT16U3P3-1S NEMA 3R/12Pistol Black161 NO$180.36
EOT32U3P3-1S NEMA 3R/12Selector Black401 NO$218.79
EOT45U3P3-1S NEMA 3R/12Selector Black601 NO$239.49
EOT63U3P3-1P NEMA 3R/12Pistol Black801 NO$257.23
EOT16U3P3-S1 NEMA 3R/12Selector Red/Yellow16-$147.83
EOT32U3P3-S1 NEMA 3R/12Selector Red/Yellow40-$177.40
EOT45U3P3-S1 NEMA 3R/12Selector Red/Yellow60-$192.19
EOT63U3P3-P1 NEMA 3R/12Pistol Red/Yellow80-$227.66
EOT16U3P3-1S1 NEMA 3R/12Selector Red/Yellow161 NO$180.36
EOT32U3P3-1S1 NEMA 3R/12Selector Red/Yellow401 NO$218.79
EOT45U3P3-1S1 NEMA 3R/12Selector Red/Yellow601 NO$239.49
EOT63U3P3-1P1 NEMA 3R/12Pistol Red/Yellow801 NO$257.23
EOT16U3P4-P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black16-$159.66
EOT32U3P4-P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black40-$192.19
EOT45U3P4-P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black60-$215.83
EOT63U3P4-P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black80-$227.66
EOT16U3P4-1P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black161 NO$198.10
EOT32U3P4-1P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black401 NO$236.53
EOT45U3P4-1P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black601 NO$263.14
EOT63U3P4-1P NEMA 4/4XPistol Black801 NO$280.89
EOT16U3P4-P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow16-$159.66
EOT32U3P4-P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow40-$192.19
EOT45U3P4-P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow60-$215.83
EOT63U3P4-P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow80-$227.66
EOT16U3P4-1P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow161 NO$198.10
EOT32U3P4-1P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow401 NO$236.53
EOT45U3P4-1P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow601 NO$263.14
EOT63U3P4-1P1 NEMA 4/4XPistol Red/Yellow801 NO$280.89