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IDEC RJ series relays are designed with the precision engineering and quality IDEC is known for. The RJ relays have an innovative spring structure that improves durability by eliminating unnecessary weak points, thereby increasing electrical conductivity and service life.  RJ relays have 3X the life expectancy of comparable units minimizing maintenance and replacement costs. Available in Plug-in blade or PCB type, SPDT or DPDT (Form A or Form C) configuration, and up to 16A rated contact.  RJ relays also have a unique status indicator light that is visible from multiple directions.

Matching RJ Sockets are also available. Din-Rail or Panel Mount versions come in screw terminal or IEC finger safe models. The PCB socket allows you to remove the relay easily from a printed circuit board.

ECD has a large inventory of IDEC RJ Relays and RJ Sockets in stock and ready to ship. Call ECD today for all your Relay and Socket needs.

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Part #ContactOptionCoil VoltageSocket Standard / Finger-safePrice 
RJ1S-C-A24 SPDT 12AStandard24V ACSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$4.70
RJ1S-C-A120 SPDT 12AStandard120V ACSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$5.17
RJ1S-C-A240 SPDT 12AStandard240V ACSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$6.85
RJ1S-C-D12 SPDT 12AStandard12V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$3.56
RJ1S-C-D24 SPDT 12AStandard24V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$3.56
RJ1S-C-D48 SPDT 12AStandard48V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$3.89
RJ1S-CD-D12 SPDT 12ACoil Diode12V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$4.30
RJ1S-CD-D24 SPDT 12ACoil Diode24V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$4.30
RJ1S-CD-D48 SPDT 12ACoil Diode48V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$4.63
RJ1S-CL-A120 SPDT 12ACoil LED120V ACSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$7.65
RJ1S-CL-A24 SPDT 12ACoil LED24V ACSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$5.91
RJ1S-CL-A240 SPDT 12ACoil LED240V ACSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$8.46
RJ1S-CL-D12 SPDT 12ACoil LED12V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$5.77
RJ1S-CL-D24 SPDT 12ACoil LED24V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$5.77
RJ1S-CL-D48 SPDT 12ACoil LED48V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$6.11
RJ1S-CLD-D12 SPDT 12ACoil LED + Diode12V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$6.51
RJ1S-CLD-D24 SPDT 12ACoil LED + Diode24V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$6.51
RJ1S-CLD-D48 SPDT 12ACoil LED + Diode48V DCSJ1S-05B / SJ1S-07L$6.85
RJ2S-C-A120 DPDT 8AStandard120V ACSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$5.64
RJ2S-C-A24 DPDT 8AStandard24V ACSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$5.24
RJ2S-C-A240 DPDT 8AStandard240V ACSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$7.52
RJ2S-C-D12 DPDT 8AStandard12V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$4.03
RJ2S-C-D24 DPDT 8AStandard24V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$4.03
RJ2S-C-D48 DPDT 8AStandard48V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$4.36
RJ2S-CD-D12 DPDT 8ACoil Diode12V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$4.77
RJ2S-CD-D24 DPDT 8ACoil Diode24V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$4.77
RJ2S-CD-D48 DPDT 8ACoil Diode48V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$5.10
RJ2S-CL-A120 DPDT 8ACoil LED120V ACSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$8.26
RJ2S-CL-A24 DPDT 8ACoil LED24V ACSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$7.72
RJ2S-CL-A240 DPDT 8ACoil LED240V ACSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$9.27
RJ2S-CL-D12 DPDT 8ACoil LED12V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$7.25
RJ2S-CL-D24 DPDT 8ACoil LED24V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$7.25
RJ2S-CLD-D12 DPDT 8ACoil LED + Diode12V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$7.99
RJ2S-CLD-D24 DPDT 8ACoil LED + Diode24V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$7.99
RJ2S-CLD-D48 DPDT 8ACoil LED + Diode48V DCSJ2S-05B / SJ2S-07L$8.33