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PS5R Series Switching Power Supplies (Standard Line)

PS5R Series Switching Power Supplies (Standard Line)

IDEC Corporation

IDEC's PS5R series power supplies offer Output power ranges from 7.5W to 240W allowing your power supply to grow with your needs. With UL508 Listing, you may even be able to use a smaller power supply than you do currently. The outputs are available in either 5VDC, 12VDC or 24VDC, are adjustable +/- 10%, short circuit protected, and regulated to a 2% maximum ripple. Unique spring up terminals allow easy installation of ring lugs, and built in DIN rail clips require no additional brackets (all units are also direct surface mountable).

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including IDEC PS5R Power Supplies. Call ECD today for all your IDEC Power Supply needs.

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Part #WattsRated VoltageRated CurrentPrice 
PS5R-A05 7.55V DC1.5A$40.71
PS5R-A12 7.512V DC0.6A$40.71
PS5R-A24 7.524V DC0.3A$40.71
PS5R-B05 155V DC2.5A$61.07
PS5R-B12 1512V DC1.2A$61.07
PS5R-B12 1512V DC1.2A$61.07
PS5R-B24 1524V DC0.6A$61.07
PS5R-C12 3012V DC1.3A$81.43
PS5R-C24 3024V DC1.3A$81.43
PS5R-D24 5024V DC2.1A$101.79
PS5R-Q24 7524V DC3.1A$126.21
PS5R-E24 10024V DC4.2A$146.57
PS5R-F24 12024V DC5A$162.86
PS5R-G24 24024V DC10A$240.21