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Fusible Flange, Cable Operated Disconnect 30A - 200A

Fusible Flange, Cable Operated Disconnect 30A - 200A

ABB Controls

The ABB flange operated fusible disconnect switches provide a solution for complying with NFPA79 which requires main disconnecting means to be operable without the use of accessory tools or devices, independent of door position. This code also includes an interlocking provision to prevent the closing of disconnects while the  enclosure door is open, unless an interlock is operated by a deliberate action. The flange operated disconnect switches are available as ridged shaft or flexible cable operated versions. The cable operated version allows you to install the disconnect switch anywhere in the enclosure depending on the length of the cable. Cables are available in lengths up to 84 inches. The designs are cost-effective NFPA 79 solutions offering quick and easy installation. Handles, shafts and other accessories are available separately.

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Part #DescriptionUL General Purpose ampsCable Length (in)For Use With-Price 
OS30FAJ12 Fusible Disconnect Switch30 A TYPE J---$165.57
OS60J12 Fusible Disconnect Switch60 A TYPE J---$254.39
OS100AJ30 Fusible Disconnect Switch100 A TYPE J---$544.03
OS200J30 Fusible Disconnect Switch200 A TYPE J---$816.03
OHF1C12 Flange handles — UL98--OS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30NEMA 1, 3R, 12$228.73
OHF1C4 Flange handles — UL98--OS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30NEMA 4, 4X$88.29
OXC1L36 Flexible cable-36 inchesOS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30-$41.31
OXC1L48 Flexible cable-48 inchesOS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30-$52.97
OXC1L60 Flexible cable-60 inchesOS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30-$58.11
OXC1L72 Flexible cable-72 inchesOS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30-$63.60
OXC1L84 Flexible cable-84 inchesOS30_12, OS60J12, OS100AJ30, OS200J30-$74.06
MKCS2 Operating mechanisms--OS30AFJ12-$81.57
MKCS3 Operating mechanisms--OS60J12-$97.89
MKCS4 Operating mechanisms--OS100AJ30, OS200J30-$103.31
OZXA-200 Terminal lug kits--OS100AJ30, OS200J30#4 – 300 Kcmil 6 Lugs Per Kit$48.34
OZXA-200/3 Terminal lugs--OS100AJ30, OS200J30#4 – 300 Kcmil 3 Lugs Per Kit$24.17
OZXA-206/S Terminal lugs--OS100AJ30, OS200J30(6) #4-6 AWG 3 Lugs Per Kit$120.84
KDH3R Door hardware NEMA 12---Safety door latch, 3 point, door greater than 40” high$98.74