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Miniature Circuit Breaker Z CURVE (Supplemental Protector) 500VDC

Miniature Circuit Breaker Z CURVE (Supplemental Protector) 500VDC

ABB Controls

The ABB S200 UL 1077 Series miniature supplementary protector offers a compact solution for protection requirements. The S200 Z curve miniature circuit breakers are DIN rail mounted and available with application-specific trip characteristics to provide maximum circuit protection. The supplementary protectors offer thermal magnetic trip protection according to B, C, D, K and Z  characteristics. For the worldwide market, the breakers carry UL, CSA, IEC, CE and many other agencies.

• Energy limiting
• Fast breaking time (2.3 – 2.5 ms)
• Bus connection system
• Wide range of accessories
• Available with variable depth handle mechanism
• CE certified and marked
• DIN rail mounting
• Finger safe terminals
• Multi-function terminals
• Suitable for reverse feed
• UL1077 Recognized supplemental protective device. UL file # E76126

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S281UC-Z0.5 10.5-$86.74
S281UC-Z1 11-$86.74
S281UC-Z2 12-$86.74
S281UC-Z4 14-$86.74
S281UC-Z6 16-$86.74
S281UC-Z8 18-$86.74
S281UC-Z10 110-$86.74
S281UC-Z16 116-$86.74
S281UC-Z20 120-$86.74
S281UC-Z25 125-$86.74
S281UC-Z32 132-$86.74
S281UC-Z40 140-$95.87
S281UC-Z50 150-$109.57
S281UC-Z63 163-$123.27
S282UC-Z0.5 20.5-$167.40
S282UC-Z1 21-$167.40
S282UC-Z2 22-$167.40
S282UC-Z3 23-$167.40
S282UC-Z4 24-$167.40
S282UC-Z6 26-$167.40
S282UC-Z8 28-$167.40
S282UC-Z10 210-$167.40
S282UC-Z16 216-$167.40
S282UC-Z20 220-$167.40
S282UC-Z25 225-$171.21
S282UC-Z32 232-$175.01
S282UC-Z40 240-$182.63
S282UC-Z50 250-$213.06
S282UC-Z63 263-$235.89
S283UC-Z1.6 31.6-$251.10
S283UC-Z10 310-$159.80
S283UC-Z16 316-$251.10
S283UC-Z20 320-$251.10