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Industrial Component Drives ACS55

Industrial Component Drives ACS55

ABB Drives, PLCs & Softstarters

ABB ACS55 Series component drives are designed to be slim and compact in order to be easily incorporated into a variety of simple machines such as pumps, fans, commercial machines, and material handling systems. The ACS55 compact micro drive is ideal for a variety of cabinet styles, with several different mounting methods in addition to DIN rail. The drives operate with single phase power and are suitable for nearly all domestic environments.

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including ABB ACS55 Series Micro Drives and Accessories. Call ECD today for all your ABB Drives and Accessory needs.

Product Specs

  • Built-in 1st environment EMC filter as standard: Suitable for single phase residential and commercial applications
  • Compact and slim design
  • Several installation alternatives
  • Reduced motor noise with high switching frequency
  • Easy configuration using potentiometers and switches
  • Fast programming of drives without the need for a power connection
  • 3-phase output 200/240 V
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Part #Phase, Input VoltagePn HpPn kWMaximum continuous output current at +40 °C 
ACS55-01N-01A4-1 1-phase, 110V to 120 V + 10/-15% Get A Quote
ACS55-01N-02A2-1 1-phase, 110V to 120 V + 10/-15%0.50.373.3 Get A Quote
ACS55-01N-01A4-2 1-phase, 200V to 240 V + 10/-15% Get A Quote
ACS55-01N-02A2-2 1-phase, 200 V to 240 V + 10/-15%0.50.373.3 Get A Quote
ACS55-01N-04A3-2 1-phase, 200 V to 240 V + 10/-15%10.756.5 Get A Quote
ACS55-01N-07A6-2 1-phase, 200 V to 240 V + 10/-15%21.511.4 Get A Quote
ACS55-01N-09A8-2 1-phase, 200 V to 240 V + 10/-15%32.214.7 Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-01A4-1 1-phase 110 to 120V (Built-in EMC) Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-02A2-1 1-phase 110 to 120V (Built-in EMC)0.50.373.3 Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-01A4-2 1-phase 200 to 240V (Built-in EMC) Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-02A2-2 1-phase 200 to 240V (Built-in EMC)0.50.373.3 Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-04A3-2 1-phase 200 to 240V (Built-in EMC)10.756.5 Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-07A6-2 1-phase 200 to 240V (Built-in EMC)21.511.4 Get A Quote
ACS55-01E-09A8-2 1-phase 200 to 240V (Built-in EMC)32.214.7 Get A Quote