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Non-Reversing 110v -120vac Coil voltage

Non-Reversing 110v -120vac Coil voltage

ABB Controls

ABB line of contactors provides complete coverage of virtually any contactor requirement from 9 A to 720 A (5 HP to 600 HP UL/CSA motor switching at 480 V) or 21 A to 900 A (UL/CSA general purpose). All meet IEC947-4-1 requirements and carry the CE mark.

Contactors are rated by designed load current per contact (pole) AC1 - Non-inductive or slightly inductive rows, AC3 - Starting of squirrel-cage motors and switching off only after the motor is up to speed. (Make Locked Rotor Amps (LRA), Break Full Load Amps (FLA))

Product Specs

  • Maximum UL/CSA horsepower ratings according to UL508 and CSA22.2 No. 14
  • Compact space saving design
  • Additional auxiliary contact blocks are available
  • D.C. ratings
  • Fast, snap-on DIN rail mounting
  • Double break contact design
  • Snap-on front mounted accessories include mechanical latch, pneumatic timer, and 1 & 4 pole auxiliary contact blocks
  • Contactors ensure positive safety between their auxiliary contact blocks
  • Captive terminal screws
  • NEMA, UL, IEC, CSA, VDE and most other international standards
  • Touch safe design: All connection terminals are protected against accidental touch
  • Terminals supplied open for ease of wiring
  • Operates over an extended voltage range of 85% to 110% of rated control voltage

Please call for quantity discounts, accessories and other configurations.

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Part #UL general purpose current AC1
(UL motor switching current AC3)
208V HP240V HP480V HP575/600V HPAux. contacts 
A9-30-10-84 21 (9)2257.51 NO Get A Quote
A9-30-01-84 21 (9)2257.51NC Get A Quote
A12-30-10-84 25 (11)337.5101NO Get A Quote
A12-30-01-84 25 (11)337.5101NC Get A Quote
A16-30-10-84 30 (17)5510151NO Get A Quote
A16-30-01-84 30 (17)5510151NC Get A Quote
A26-30-10-84 40 (28)7.51020251NO Get A Quote
A26-30-01-84 40 (28)7.51020251NC Get A Quote
A30-30-10-84 50 (34)101025301NO Get A Quote
A30-30-01-84 50 (34)101025301NC Get A Quote
A40-30-10-84 60 (42)101530401NO Get A Quote
A40-30-01-84 60 (42)101530401NC Get A Quote
A50-30-11-84 80 (54)152040501NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A63-30-11-84 90 (65)202550601NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A75-30-11-84 105 (80)253060751NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A95-30-11-84 125 (95)303060751NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A110-30-11-84 140 (110)3040751001NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A145-30-11-84 230 (130)40501001251NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A185-30-11-84 250 (156)50601251501NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A210-30-11-84 300 (192)60751502001NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A260-30-11-84 350 (248)751002002501NO & 1NC Get A Quote
A300-30-11-84 400 (302)1001002503001NO & 1NC Get A Quote