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SoftStarter PSR (Compact) 3 to 105 amps

SoftStarter PSR (Compact) 3 to 105 amps

ABB Controls

Designed for motor currents from 3 to 105 A, ABB PSR series Softstarters are compact and easily accessible for installation in places where space is limited thanks to the two-phase controlled design.

The PSR range comprises four physical sizes with widths from 45 to 70mm, covers rated currents from 3 to 105 A and is available for supply voltages of 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC. All sizes include a Run signal relay while sizes from 25 - 105 A also have an output signal for TOR (Top of Ramp, i.e., full voltage).

The PSR Softstarter is easy to set-up and operate thanks to the clearly marked settings. All terminals are distinctly marked and easily accessible for cable connection. Both screw and DIN rail mounting are possible (except for D Frame (PSR60 - PSR105).

Flexible communication
PSR can also be remote controlled by bus communication using ABB's FieldBusPlug. The FieldBusPlug accessories are  available for several protocols such as Profibus DP and Device Net.

The PSR Softstarter is ideal for the replacement of across the line (ATL) starters and for installation in places with limited space.

UL File #E161428

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Part #208 V Pe HP240 V Pe HP480 V Pe HP600 V Pe HPUL Max rated motor currentControl Voltage 
PSR3-600-70 0.50.75223.4100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR6-600-70 11.5356.1100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR9-600-70 2257.59100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR12-600-70 337.51011100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR16-600-70 35101015.2100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR25-600-70 7.57.5152024.2100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR30-600-70 7.510202528100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR37-600-70 1010253034100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR45-600-70 1515304046.2100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR60-600-70 2020405059.4100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR72-600-70 2025506068100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR85-600-70 2530607580100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR105-600-70 304075100104100-240 VAC Get A Quote
PSR3-600-81 0.50.75223.424 VDC Get A Quote
PSR6-600-81 11.5356.124 VDC Get A Quote
PSR9-600-81 2257.5924 VDC Get A Quote
PSR12-600-81 337.5101124 VDC Get A Quote
PSR16-600-81 35101015.224 VDC Get A Quote
PSR25-600-81 7.57.5152024.224 VDC Get A Quote
PSR30-600-81 7.51020252824 VDC Get A Quote
PSR37-600-81 101025303424 VDC Get A Quote
PSR45-600-81 1515304046.224 VDC Get A Quote
PSR60-600-81 2020405059.424 VDC Get A Quote
PSR72-600-81 202550606824 VDC Get A Quote
PSR85-600-81 253060758024 VDC Get A Quote
PSR105-600-81 30407510010424 VDC Get A Quote