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Electronic Overload Relay for ABB Contactors

Electronic Overload Relay  for ABB Contactors

ABB Controls

ABB Electronic Overload Relays are for use with A Line and select B Line series contactors.

• Available for starter construction with A Line contactors and separate panel mounting
• Designed for close couple mounting
• Separate base mounting available for all overload relays
• E16DU Class 10, 20, & 30, field selectable
• E200DU – E800DU Class 10, 20 & 30, field selectable
• Stop button
• Screwdriver guide holes
• All terminal screws are available from the front
• Single phase and phase unbalance protection
• Isolated alarm circuit (N.O.) contact
• Ambient compensation: -25°C to +70°C (-13oF to +158oF)
• Manual test
• Manual or automatic reset
• Factory calibrated and tested
• Wide adjustment range
• UL File No: E48139
• CSA File No: LR98336

ECD has a large inventory of automation and control products in stock and ready to ship including ABB Electronic Overload Relays. Call ECD today for all your Overload Relay needs. 

Please call for quantity discounts, accessories and other configurations.

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Part #For ContactorSetting Range Amps 
E16DU0.32 B6, B7 & A/AE/AL9 thru A/AE/AL160.1 - 0.32 Get A Quote
E16DU1.0 B6, B7 & A/AE/AL9 thru A/AE/AL160.3 - 1.0 Get A Quote
E16DU2.7 B6, B7 & A/AE/AL9 thru A/AE/AL160.9 - 2.7 Get A Quote
E16DU6.3 B6, B7 & A/AE/AL9 thru A/AE/AL162.0 - 6.3 Get A Quote
E16DU18.9 B6, B7 & A/AE/AL9 thru A/AE/AL165.7 - 18.9 Get A Quote
E45DU30 A/AE/AL26 thru A/AE/AL409.0 - 30 Get A Quote
E45DU45 A/AE/AL26 thru A/AE/AL4015 - 45 Get A Quote
E80DU80 A/AE/AF50 thru A/AE/AF7527 - 80 Get A Quote
E140DU140 A/AE/AF95 thru A/AE/AF11050 - 140 Get A Quote
E200DU200 A/AF145 thru A/AF18565 - 200 Get A Quote
E320DU320 A/AF210 thru A/AF300105 - 320 Get A Quote
E500DU500 AF400 thru AF750270 - 800 Get A Quote
E1250DU1250 AF1350 thru AF1650375 - 1250 Get A Quote