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Solid State Relay - 1 phase Analog Switching

Solid State Relay - 1 phase Analog Switching

Carlo Gavazzi

The Carlo Gavazzi RM1E series of analog switching relays work in accordance with the phase angle control principle, i.e., the output switching point in the AC sine wave depends on the control input which can be either 4-20mA or 0-10VDC. 4 mA or 0VDC correspond to zero output power whilst 20 mA or 10VDC correspond to full output power (near linear power response). The relay switches off every time the output current crosses zero, and switches ON in accordance with the applied control input.

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Part #Rated Operational VoltageRated Operational CurrentControl VoltagePrice 
RM1E23AA25 230 VAC rms25 A4-20 mA$83.29
RM1E23AA50 230 VAC rms50 A4-20 mA$110.79
RM1E23AA100 230 VAC rms100 A4-20 mA$166.57
RM1E23V25 230 VAC rms25 A0-10 VDC$87.21
RM1E23V50 230 VAC rms50 A0-10 VDC$113.14
RM1E23V100 230 VAC rms100 A0-10 VDC$175.21
RM1E40AA25 400 VAC rms25 A4-20 mA$83.29
RM1E40AA50 400 VAC rms50 A4-20 mA$110.79
RM1E40AA100 400 VAC rms100 A4-20 mA$166.57
RM1E48AA25 480 VAC rms25 A4-20 mA$88.79
RM1E48AA50 480 VAC rms50 A4-20 mA$117.07
RM1E48AA75 480 VAC rms75 A4-20 mA$155.57
RM1E48AA100 480 VAC rms100 A4-20 mA$179.93
RM1E48V25 480 VAC rms25 A0-10 VDC$92.71
RM1E48V50 480 VAC rms50 A0-10 VDC$118.64
RM1E48V100 480 VAC rms100 A0-10 VDC$187.79
RM1E60AA25 600 VAC rms25 A4-20 mA$95.07
RM1E60AA50 600 VAC rms50 A4-20 mA$124.14
RM1E60AA100 600 VAC rms100 A4-20 mA$194.07
RM1E60V25 600 VAC rms25 A0-10 VDC$97.43
RM1E60V50 600 VAC rms50 A0-10 VDC$124.93
RM1E60V100 600 VAC rms100 A0-10 VDC$200.36