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Thermal Overload Relay Class 20 for ABB Contactors A9 - A80

Thermal Overload Relay Class 20 for ABB Contactors A9 - A80

ABB Controls

ABB Class 20 Thermal Overload Relays are 3 pole for use with A9-A80 series contactors . The motor current flows through their bimetals (1 per phase) which are indirectly heated. Under the effect of the heating, the bimetals bend, cause the relay to trip and the position of the auxiliary contacts to change.

The relay setting range is graduated in amps. In compliance with international and national standards, the setting current is the motor nominal current and not the tripping current (no tripping at 1.05 x setting current, tripping at 1.2 x setting current). The tripping curves (cold or warm starting, 3 phases and 2 phases) are shown in the main catalog.

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Product Specs

  • Designed for close couple mounting
  • Separate base mounting available for all overload relays
  • Reset can also be adjusted to function as a stop button
  • Trip indication
  • Remote trip and reset option available
  • Single phase and phase unbalance protection
  • Isolated alarm circuit (N.O.) contact
  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Wide adjustment range

Please call for quantity discounts, accessories and other configurations.

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Part #For ContactorSetting Range AmpsPrice 
TA25DU1.8-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL301.3 - 1.8$36.00
TA25DU2.4-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL301.7 - 2.4$36.00
TA25DU3.1-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL302.2 - 3.1$36.00
TA25DU4.0-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL302.8 - 4.0$36.00
TA25DU5.0-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL303.5 - 5.0$36.00
TA25DU6.5-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL304.5 - 6.5$36.00
TA25DU8.5-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL306.0 - 8.5$36.00
TA25DU11-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL307.5 - 11$36.00
TA25DU14-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL3010 - 14$36.00
TA25DU19-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL3013 - 19$36.00
TA25DU25-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL3018 - 25$36.00
TA25DU32-20 A9/AL9 thru A40/AL3024 - 32$36.00
TA42DU25-20 A30/AL30 thru A40/AL4018 - 25$46.80
TA42DU32-20 A30/AL30 thru A40/AL4022 - 32$46.80
TA42DU42-20 A30/AL30 thru A40/AL4029 - 42$46.80
TA75DU25-20 A50/AE50 thru A75/AE7518 - 25$61.20
TA75DU32-20 A50/AE50 thru A75/AE7522 - 32$61.20
TA75DU52-20 A50/AE50 thru A75/AE7536 - 52$61.20
TA75DU63-20 A50/AE50 thru A75/AE7545 - 63$61.20
TA75DU80-20 A50/AE50 thru A75/AE7560 - 80$61.20
TA80DU42-20 A95/AE95 thru A110/AE11029 - 42$81.00
TA80DU52-20 A95/AE95 thru A110/AE11036 - 52$81.00
TA80DU63-20 A95/AE95 thru A110/AE11045 - 63$81.00
TA80DU80-20 A95/AE95 thru A110/AE11060 - 80$81.00